Here is where you send in your MDH thesis, licentiate thesis or report for printing, quickly and easily.
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Description and information

General information

FORMAT:  169x239mm (G5)
CT 280+, matte lamination
CT 90g
Thesis is glue bound

Preliminary production plan

1- You should send in your printable thesis/report as a PDF file(s). Remember also to send in the library pages, which should also be in PDF format. Email all your PDF files direct to

2- You will receive a PDF proof for preview from E-Print.
3- If you need to make changes after the PDF proof you should email the whole thesis/document to E-Print again. Please remember to state your order number. In case of changes you will receive a new PDF proof.

4- When the PDF proof has been approved you will receive a hard copy proof at your delivery address.
Please inform us if would rather collect your hard copy proof at E-Print on Oxtorgsgatan 9-11 in Stockholm.

5- When you have checked your trial print and are satisfied with it, contact E-Print to start the printing process. Now it will take about five working days until the edition is delivered to MDH.

If the printing time has to be quicker than five working days an extra charge will be made.

The printers will send a full-text PDF of the approved thesis or dissertation to MDH’s University Library for registration in DiVA, the Student Records.

The printers will send seven deposit copies to the deposit libraries and seven copies of the thesis or dissertation to MDH’s Printing Coordinator Erika Johansson for distribution to the University Libraries and the Management Office.

Please bear in mind

  • Read through the text thoroughly before handing in your files. The hard copy proof and the PDF proof have the purpose of assuring high quality of the pictures and correct placing of the text – not of correcting spelling mistakes; this work should have been done already.

  • Be careful to check that all the pages are there, the library pages, articles, the introductory chapter of a compilation thesis and other appendices.

  • The file format for the manuscript must be a PDF.

  • The pictures should have a resolution of at least 200 dpi.

We can also assist you with business cards, letterheads, envelopes, flyers, postcards, leaflets, books, reports, flyers, posters and roll-up.