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-After you have received a confirmation, please email your files and indicate your name and KI Id to


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Description and information

General information

SIZE:  169x239mm (G5)
1+1, double-sided black print
Skandia 2000 250g
Skandia 2000 80g
The thesis limbindes
Trimmed down to 169x235 mm

Preliminary Production Plan

Day 1:
Submit your print-ready thesis via the form on the left.

Day 2: Pick up your proof in our store.

Day 3: If you need to make changes after checking the proof, e-mail the complete thesis once again. Remember to include your order number. You will then receive a new proof as a PDF.

Day 4: The production starts after your OK.

Day 5-9: Production of your thesis.

Day 10: We deliver your thesis or you can pick it up in our store.

NOTE! When ordering, you need to provide KI ID to E-Print.

Things to consider

  • Please proof-read your thesis carefully before submitting for print. The proof is made in order to check picture quality – and not for checking the spelling etc.

  • We need your file in PDF format.

  • Images should have a resolution of at least 200 dpi (px/inch).

  • If you have special wishes concerning paper quality etc – please contact us in good time so we can plan for this.


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Cover Description

1. Toptext    2. Title    3. Picture of cover    4. Name   


PDF: Inlay and other text files must be in PDF.

Naming your files to (the thesis, Article 1, Article 2, etc...)

Do not forget to put "Printed by E-Print AB 2017" under the ISBN number.

We can also assist you with business cards, letterheads, envelopes, flyers, postcards, leaflets, books, reports, flyers, posters and roll-up.